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30 Workouts! 30 Minutes!         30 Days! EBook


30 Workouts, 30 Minutes, 30 Days!

Boost Your Mood and Build Your Body, One Workout at a Time!

Product Description

Welcome to 30 Workouts, 30 Minutes, 30 Days! Boost your mood and build your body one workout at a time!

I think the best way to introduce this EBook is to cut to the chase and tell you first of all what it is NOT.

  • It is NOT a weight loss tool.
  • It is NOT a quick fix.
  • It is NOT a diet resource.
  • It will NOT guarantee you will look like a super model.
  • It is NOT a new, you-beaut, fast track to losing ten kilos or magic pill or potion.
  • It is NOT new information or the latest gizmo or gadget.

Here’s what it is!

This EBook is a ‘keep forever’ resource, a powerful tool to put in your tool kit that will change the way you think and feel about working out. The purpose of each workout is to give you a sense of achievement. A focus. A chance to ‘fist pump’ your way to strengthening your mind and the bonus of that will be a stronger body too!

Here is what I know for sure! A good WORKOUT is NOT just about losing that ‘last 5 kilos’!

I have facilitated literally thousands of group and personal training sessions over the past ten years.  During this time I have also experienced my own ‘health and fitness’ evolution.  The greatest learning I received from all of this is that while exercise is good for your body, the real benefits start and end in your mind.

You see your body is NOT your energy source or your power, your MIND is!

OK, are you ready?

Here is what the EBook WILL give you.

  • 30 Workouts! I have created 30 fun, varied, simple to understand, high intensity workouts that can take 5 minutes, 30 minutes or even longer! It’s your choice! You are in total control and choose how many rounds you do!
  • Flexibility! The workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Do one a day, one a week or as often as you choose.
  • No equipment necessary! The majority of the workouts can be done without any equipment! But if you want to incorporate some, you can!
  • Functionality! If you don’t like one of the exercises or have an injury that won’t allow for it, no problem. You can swap it for another exercise from another workout!
  • Location of your choice! Train where you’re happiest! In the park, your home, at the beach or in a gym!
  • Portable! Do the workouts on holidays or any day of the week!
  • Train on your own or with a friend! Some of the workouts offer partner options but they can all be done solo!
  • No Thinking Required! I have made the workouts easy and simple to understand. All you have to do is tick the boxes.
  • Suitable for most fitness levels – you control the intensity and duration of each workout.
  • Time your workouts! Record your times so you can improve with each workout. I have included a record chart at the back of the book for you to use!
  • Did I say FUN! While you are busy having fun with these workouts, I promise your whole outlook on yourself, your life and your world will change!

Every workout in this EBook is a combination of my life as a personal trainer, fitness professional, fitness business owner, life coach, mentor, competitor, athlete, mum, friend and human being!

And I know it works!

Why? Because I never ask anyone to do anything I haven’t done myself! My life has been a work in progress and still is.  I am learning, unlearning and relearning every day!

These workouts are designed to give you a focus! A goal! A direction!

A place to start and something to build on.

I know what it is like to lose my MOJO! But I also know that to get it back I MUST focus on what I CAN do and not what I Can’t do. I share more of my personal story in the first few pages of the book.  My one simple overriding philosophy is always, ALWAYS to focus your mind on what is SO right!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab your copy!

The link to download your copy of 30 Workouts, 30 Minutes, 30 Days will appear in your completed order, so you can start to move your butt TODAY and allow those natural endorphins to be released into your mind.  You will immediately feel your confidence and MOJO begin to return!  Oh and by the way, your body will love you for it!!

OK, let’s do this!!

Jen Forster x