Will it reeeeeally matter…………………………? #4 Spectacular Effort Equals Spectacular Reward


Will it reeeeeally matter….?

#4 Spectacular Effort Equals Spectacular Reward – 49 Life Lessons it took me 50 years to learn

We’ve all been there.

In a blind moment of inspiration, motivation, determination, indignation or just sheer impulsiveness we have said (out loud) we will do something.  Now this can take on many forms. From something simple like saying yes to an early morning training session or meet up or something much bigger, like a 12 week challenge or a ‘life-changing/bucket list’ goal. Sometimes it’s physical sometimes it’s not.

But in any case, we said YES! Yes, we would do it!

Now this isn’t an integrity lecture.  Although I am a fan of integrity.

At the guts of this blog is a big lesson I learnt way back in 2009.  A lesson that has stayed with me and that I use almost every day in some capacity. And it has never failed me!

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“Don’t you just hate ‘late people’!” … #3 Time Cannot Be Replaced


#3 Time cannot be replaced… … 49 Life Lessons it took me 50 years to learn

Don’t you just hate ‘late people’! People who keep you waiting and waiting and waiting… When someone says they will be there at an agreed upon time and then 5, 10, 15 minutes later, you are still waiting! Of course, they will have a legitimate reason (maybe) for being late but that is still 15 minutes you could have spent doing other things.  Now we all know that time cannot be replaced or refunded so essentially that person has just stolen 15 minutes of your life!  What tha?!?

Now think about how much time has been ‘stolen’ from you by ‘late people’ in your lifetime!  Perhaps hours, days, weeks, months, maybe even years!!  Woah! Now that’s an entirely different way of looking at it.  OK, but also consider you may BE a ‘time thief’ too!

We know though that time is infinite (well according to the ‘sciency’ dudes it is).  But time is NOT infinite for us as individuals.  We [you and me] only have a certain amount of time on this planet.  But I know you already know this.  In fact if we live until we are 80, that would be 29,220 days. So does it really matter if we steal or have stolen from us the odd few minutes? It’s not really life or death, is it?

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Have you ever wanted to punch a ‘positive’ person? #2 My thoughts create my reality…


#2 My thoughts create my reality… 49 Life Lessons it took me 50 years to learn

Have you ever wanted to punch a ‘positive’ person in the face? Or maybe blow up Facebook and Instagram and all of those fricking ‘inspirational’ quotes!

#inspiration #inspo #fitspo #fitspiration #whatssoright?!?

You let your ‘well meaning’ friend go to message bank. Hell, you let everyone go to message bank.  And then you find the saddest songs you can on your play list, scroll Netflix for a ‘tear jerker’, buy a bottle of wine and a family size block of chocolate.

But only on the shit days, right? That’s when it would irritate the most!

One of the things I used to get stuck on was this.

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#1 People just do what people just do … and so do I


#1 People just do what people just do … and so do I

(from) 49 Life Lessons it took me 50 years to learn

People just do what people just do … People just say what people just say … and so do I.

I’m not the boss of anyone and no one is the boss of me.

So why do peoples words and actions sometimes piss us off? Press our buttons. Irritate the shit out of us? Why do we get wound up? Why do we get upset?  And why do we complain to anyone who is willing to listen (sometimes for days)?

Have you ever noticed yourself saying or thinking;

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49 Life Lessons it took me 50 Years to Learn… (unlearn and relearn)… My 50th Birthday Blog


Inspiration often refers to something potent and powerful.  Motivation can be sourced from it and action is often derived from it.  A desire to do better and be better is why we seek it and a lack of it is often the scapegoat for mediocrity.  The thing about inspiration is that there is no one thing, person, situation or moment that can define it accurately.  We never know when we are going to be hit by it either.  But when it comes, I believe it’s important to recognise it and make use of it.

As I celebrate and am grateful for five decades on this planet, it is a series of inspiring people, situations and moments that have driven me to learn, unlearn and relearn the following 49 Lessons for Life.  Hopefully I will get to practice them for 50 more years!

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