#20 No Matter The Question, Love is the Answer


#20 No Matter The Question, Love is the Answer (from) 49 Life Lessons it took me 50 years to learn

If you have been following my 49 Life Lessons and the principles behind ‘What’s so Right’ you will know that it’s not based on ‘peace, love and mung beans’ ideals.  It is, however, based on our mindset, our thoughts, and our actions and when we change these we completely transform our lives.

So I can understand that if at first, looking at this Life Lesson, it may seem a little “John and Yoko”! So allow me to explain what it’s really about.

The ‘question’ this life lesson refers to is centered around the conversations that go on in our heads.  We all have a ‘little voice’ that just doesn’t shut up. It chatters away at us nonstop. Do you know the voice I am referring to? Yep! It’s your voice.  It’s not you, it just sounds like you.

Day after day… it answers every question we ask ourselves. It especially loves answering the stupid questions we ask ourselves…


Why is life so hard…

Why do bad things happen to me …

Do I look fat in this outfit…

Am I good enough …

Should I go and talk to that person …

What will people think of me…

If I say no will they think less of me …

And it drives our responses and reactions to life.

Our little voice is our ego. And mostly, it is there to protect us. From a story (or often many stories’s) we made up long ago about something that happened.

So what does this have to do with this Life Lesson?

You see our default is our ego.  But who we are (well, when we were born), is love.

So when I say “no matter the question, the answer is always love” it reminds me to always check in with my thoughts and actions and ask myself, am I operating from ego or from love?

Is what I am about to do/say/think because my ‘little voice’ is in control? Or am I operating from my heart space and being true to my values.

If our ego is in control, the outcomes we are seeking are often driven by expectations, judgments, and manipulations. Or anger, jealousy, blame and shifting responsibility away from ourselves.

Now I know most of us would already say we a kind, caring, loving people.  But remember, our little voice is often steering the ship.  And whilst we know in our hearts we are good, kind, loving people, sometimes our ego has other ideas.

One of the best examples I can think of is when we are arguing with someone.

It’s really just a big old ego showdown.  Our ego and the other person’s ego is a battle to the death.  Because remember, our ego is our little voice and it’s job is to protect us.  Which is awesome. But what I know for sure is that our ego and love cannot exist in the same space at the same time. It’s impossible.

The next time you feel upset, annoyed, indignant or just plain old right about something, ask yourself these questions:

What would love do right now?

What would love say right now?

How would love act right now?

It can change everything.

It could actually change the world.

Jen x




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