3 Step Detox … For Your Facebook Newsfeed!


Working on my daily practice of focusing on ‘what’s so right’ has changed my life.  I have long since given up ‘looking for dinosaurs’.  An important part of this practice is making sure that I give my mind plenty of good stuff to see.  This can be an exceptionally difficult task when we open our Facebook! Now of course we could just delete the app but I confess, I love Facebook! I love connecting with my friends, seeing all the cool stuff they do and being able to chat to my family in one click!

But have you noticed how much ‘crap’ is in your newsfeed lately? It can completely overshadow the good stuff… if you let it!  So to help you keep your focus on ‘what’s so right’ here are my three steps to ‘detox’ your newsfeed!

No News is Good News

Have you ever noticed how depressing the news is? And for me, it is even worse on social media.  Not only does the media report it, they also stir up a hornets nest of comments and opinions from the public.  It’s a keyboard warriors playground! Have you ever started reading the comments on a thread from a media post? It’s like a train wreck. Comments quickly move from opinions to personal attacks but you just cant tear your eyes away from it.  Before you know it, you have wasted 5 minutes (or more) consumed with toxic and negative ramblings of people you don’t even know!

So how do you get that off your newsfeed? What has worked for me is to ‘unlike’ all media/news channels/magazines/morning shows/newspapers etc.  Yep! Page by page I have done this and boy did it make a difference! This does not mean you will not see these pages at all but now you will only see them if your friends share them.  So the good news is that you won’t miss out on ‘the goss’ and the even better news is that your newsfeed will be ‘bad news’ free!

Big Brother is Definitely Watching You

It is not some random cat God that magically fills my newsfeed with cat videos and memes! So why is that? Because that is what I click on the most. Ok, that an other stuff! Now while I am not a tech head and fully understand how this works, what I do know is that ‘facebook big brother is watching you’.  It is NOT coincidence that what you google ends up as ads down the right hand side of your page too! And it is not coincidence that what you spend the most time watching and clicking on fills up your newsfeed  – and yes that includes all those ‘you won’t believe what happens next’ posts, animal/human cruelty videos and ‘what will you look like when you are old’ generators!  The stuff you click on/watch is the stuff that will fill your newsfeed. So if you don’t want it there, don’t click/watch it!

TIP: You can click the down arrow (drop down menu) on the post in the top right hand corner and select ‘I don’t want this in my newsfeed’ (as well as other options)

You Can Choose Your Family AND You Can Choose Your Friends!

We all have those people in our lives that choose to see the glass as half empty.  And their facebook posts will often be 100% reflective of all the things crap/negative/toxic.  Now here’s the thing.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  So before you judge them (aka unfriending), consider they may not even be aware that they do this.  For me though, I may love them and even enjoy hanging out with them but I’d just prefer not to see their posts.  You can with a click of your mouse still love them and have them as a friend but not have their posts in your newsfeed.  If you go to their page, beside the box that says ‘friends’ is another box that is called ‘following’.  All you have to do is click this and scroll down and click again on ‘unfollow’. Easy!

This blog post is in no way about being harsh on the outside world or the people in it.  People just do what people just do AND whatever they do means absolutely NOTHING about YOU! The thing I know for sure is that your thoughts create your world.  So make sure that you are filling your mind with the best possible thoughts, images, information, education and inspiration.

Jen x

What’s so right in your world today?

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    1. 100% Agree Megyn. It’s even more important these days with social media being a big part of our world that we take control of the information we allow into our minds and filter this as much as we can. Our thoughts create our reality! Thank you for your kind words. Jen x

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