29,220 Days …

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I am addicted to personal development.  I love it. I was watching a presentation the other day and this tiny snippet (it was about living above and below the line) was the part that really slammed me between the eyeballs.

OK. This is my take on it.

29,220 days. That’s how many days we receive if we live until we’re 80 years of age. That’s also accounting for the extra day we get in a leap year. Which is not too bad when you think about. Let’s call it 30,000 days.

Now let’s consider that if you’re 40 years old, you can immediately halve that number. Wait, what?! Yep. You can cut that down to 15,000 days.  Shit just got real!  You see I am almost 50, and I suck at maths but it only took me a second to realise that my ‘bank of days’ is roughly only 11,000 days… AND COUNTING!

AND this was the BEST news I had received in a very long time! It struck me like a bolt of lightning and it excited the living daylights out of me. It was like being Willy Wonka and finding the ‘golden ticket’! It gave me a massive opportunity to think differently!

When I did that fast calculation in my mind and figured I had around 11,000 days in my ‘day bank’ I pictured myself going to bed at night and beside my bed was one of those ‘counters’.  You know the ones, when you line up for a ride at a theme park the operator has one in his hands and uses it to count how many people they let through the barrier. They look like this:



So I imagined that I have one of these beside my bed and every night before I go to sleep, I HAVE to click it.  No choice in the matter. No winding back the days. No way of adding days back. AND knowing full well that I only get to do this another 10,999, 98, 97, 96 …. and counting (are you really getting this now!).

It had me think that if I have to click it, no matter what, then I want to be damn sure that it was worth it! What an amazing gift to realise this! This was such a fantastic way to take stock of who I am, where I am and what I am doing… every day!

So what would make it worth it to hit that clicker?

Well, for me, I am prepared to hit that clicker on any given day if I know I have made a difference.  So I ask myself before I click it “Jen, did you make a difference today? Did you add value somewhere for someone or something?”

What would this look like?

It might be through taking the time to share in a conversation, lending an ear and listening, a random act of kindness, sharing my knowledge and experiences, being a contribution to my family or tribe.

I just focus on a moment in my day, somewhere, where I have achieved this and then the answer is yes. Then I can click away the day with a smile.  And if not, I get to make sure that I do something differently the next day. How powerful is that!

Now, this whole post has been based on living until I am 80.

30,000 days. But we all know that life does not come with a guarantee of years or days.  What if I actually only get one more day?

That’s why discovering this was such a piece of gold!

So what is it for you? What could you shift your focus to? What would need to happen for you each day that would allow you to smile when you hit your clicker each and every night?

Jen x

“What’s so right today?”




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